Our company has personnel specialised in laser cutting, punching, bending, calendering (rolling), welding, assembly and painting.

We showcase our business and equipment in generic form:

  • Calenders, for example one of 3100 in length, capable of calendering between 2 mm and 15-18 mm of thickness over the entire length, with the possibility of increasing the thickness, thus reducing the length;

  • Lorry

  • 4 gantry cranes of 6+6+6+6 t under boom load capacity with 6.5 m 1st section, 7 m 2nd section and 6.5 m 3rd section

  • Hydraulic shears COLGAR

  • Robotised cell with welding robots with inverters

  • Laser TRUMPF Trumatic, double 2000x4000 table, thickness 20 mm, cutting length 8 meters, multi-pass;

  • Forklifts

  • Automatic positioners with electronic welding machines with inverters and pulsing with welding speed adjustment programs;

  • Hydraulic synchronized bending presses COLGAR, max length 6000, 8-10 mm thickness by 6 meters; reducing the length increases the thickness;

  • Spot welding machines;

  • FICEP punching machines;

  • Punching machine TRUMPF Trumatic Rotation, max 8 mm thickness;

  • TIG welding machines with continuous thread and electrodes;

  • Deburring machines;

  • Automatic band saws;

  • Automatic and semi-automatic cutters;

  • Column and flag drills;

  • Spray painting with 6000x2000 panels

The installation of a Submerged Arc welding machine has been planned.

There is an ongoing expansion aimed at installing an electrolytic powder equipment with a painting oven, and a mechanical processing department with milling-boring machines for the light, medium and medium-heavy sheet metal processing (stands, extruders, etc.) that we have always produced, giving the opportunity to our customers to have a finished product, worked and painted.

Total premisses area in sqm. 12.000

Covered working surface in sqm. 4.000